Quality Policy

MECANIZADOS ARRATXA, S.L. is a company dedicated to machining, assembling and adjusting dies.

Our guiding principle is to provide effective, high-quality service in order to satisfy our clients, both external and internal.

We believe that a Quality Management System, based on ISO 9001, standards, is a tool to help us with continuous improvement, eliminating errors and wasted efforts, focusing our energy on significant aspects of our work:

  • Customer satisfaction, we depend on our clients and, therefore, have to understand their current and future needs, meet their requirements and work to exceed their expectations, ensuring fluid communication at all times and fulfilling our commitments to them while meeting current regulations and other requirements that apply to our activity.
  • Our staff, on all levels, is the heart and soul of the organisation, so we strive to ensure they are fully committed. To do so we promote training and keep them informed at all times to guarantee the quality of the service we provide our clients, both external and internal, and as a means for further personal development.
  • The owners, which seek a return on their investment, are focused on continuous improvement in the overall performance of our activities and processes, always striving to make the most of our resources.
  • Our suppliers and subcontractors, the organisation and its suppliers/subcontractors are interdependent. We work to achieve bilateral agreements that are mutually beneficial, boosting the ability of both parties to create value.

The management team at MECANIZADOS ARRATXA S.L. is committed to performing our leadership tasks directing the organisation according to the guiding principles above and will do everything we can to maintain and develop this System:

  • Setting indicators and goals.
  • Providing the means necessary to achieve them, within our reach.
  • Helping do so through an approach based on decision-making and action-taking.
  • Taking into account any internal or external contribution for continuous improvement and to better serve our clients.